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Online Teting with GCSE SCience
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Key Features


Students can
• Take tests based on each of the modules which make up the GCSE 360Science course
• Review their test to see which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly
• Receive feedback on their performance on each test
• Check their progress by reviewing marks and feedback from previous tests

Teachers can
• Set homeworks based on the modules which make up Edexcel’s* 360 Science GCSE course
• Check online to see if students have completed the set homeworks
• See the marks awarded for individual tests or homeworksions.

Price £10.00 per module
(+ extra services for a limited period. See below)
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1. Introduce your friend to the site and we will give you access to two more modules for free.

2. Email us with any exam or homework question and we will send you the correct answer with an explanation and top tips to improve. For more information, or to send us your questions,
email us at: admin@my-science.co.uk

Payment can be made though paypal, cheque or wire transfer. Login details will be issued as soon as your payment has cleared. Good luck!

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